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Just a place to post stuff I like | 19 | Switch

Her mind slowly melted as her body was continuously assaulted with orgasm after orgasm. Her body betrayed her, loosing all control as she kept begging and asking for more. Her words no longer coherent when her mouth wasn't full of cock. She was nothing more than a mindless fuck doll being pushed beyond her mental limits as she watched her own body getting ravished again and again. And the truly terrifying part was, she never wanted it to end! She wanted her holes to be used, to be filled and stretched. All thoughts of denying her need left her body as another tsunami of orgasms crashed over her..... Even after it was over and the cum was dripping from her holes, her body aching from the abuse she'd begged for, she wanted nothing more than to do it all over again! She was now nothing more than an animal permanently in heat and eager to be bred, no matter who, how, where and by what.

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